Technical Stuff

A collection of white papers and guides.

Getting started guide

In this article we show the basic screens and steps required to set up a backup, and explain some of the options.

Windows Drive Letters

This article describes how to configure a backup to a removable media, and coping with problems arising because Windows can choose different drive letters.

Choosing Sizes in Duplicati

This article describes the tradeoffs involved in picking the sizes of blocks and volumes in Duplicati.

How the backup process works

In this article we walk through the process of backing up a few files to a remote storage, to illustrate how it works.

Block-based storage engine

Duplicati 2.0 comes with an innovative block-based storage engine. Find out what that means, how it works and why it is so much better than the old approach ...

How we get along with OAuth

Some online storage services use OAuth to grant their users time-limited access. Learn how Duplicati 2.0 works around the time limitation so that it can run ...


Duplicati 2.0 comes with strong filter capabilities so that you can exactly define what files and folders go into your backup.

Fact Sheet

This fact sheet tells you more about how Duplicati 2.0 works and what its features are.