All people who contribute to Duplicati are volunteers. We do not get paid, but use our spare time and private resources to keep everything running. Donations help us take out larger chunks of time to work on Duplicati, pay for hosting and service fees, and generally show us your appreciation for our work on Duplicati.

OpenCollective logo OpenCollective

If you are a company and want to support the project, we recommend to donate through Duplicati OpenCollective. OpenCollective is a registered company that issues receipts for donations. That way your donation can be officially booked as an expense in your company.

Furthermore, OpenCollective shows how the donated money is spent by the project members. Note that OpenCollective charges a percentage of the donated amount for their handling services.

PayPal logo PayPal

We also accept Donations through the Duplicati PayPal donation page. PayPal donations have so far been used for paying various hosting expenses.

Bitcoin logo Crypto currencies

We also accept donations in various crypto currencies. Feel free to use the one that you like best. Also, feel free to ask for your favourite currency to be supported.

Please double check the recipient address, and the token type, before sending any tokens. Crypto currencies are irreversible, so your tokens will be lost if you send it to a wrong address or wrong chain.

We arbitrarily decided to accept the following crypto currencies, and suggest using if you want to donate with another currency.

Bitcoin logo Donate with Bitcoin Bitcoin QR code 1Lfzs4EQBtjqQyARfxW1vH5JMRaz7tVCir Bitcoin Address: 1Lfzs4EQBtjqQyARfxW1vH5JMRaz7tVCir
Ethereum logo Donate with Ethereum Ethereum QR code 0xa122e65b01fd18dad0caafc8122e83a3f6cf73a5 Ethereum Address: 0xa122e65b01fd18dad0caafc8122e83a3f6cf73a5
Bitcoin cash logo Donate with Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin cash QR code 165gSZ9UshGyUKPyguWELJ9cbxvmsNzYCw Bitcoin Cash Address: 165gSZ9UshGyUKPyguWELJ9cbxvmsNzYCw
Siacoin logo Donate with Sia Sia QR code cd1811d152f8ff8fdbcc7a55ed059f22b9d944cf1208a6258180ca3e78789ac0d98e463a9a92 Sia Address: cd1811d152f8ff8fdbcc7a55ed059f22b9d944cf1208a6258180ca3e78789ac0d98e463a9a92
Storj logo Donate with Storj Storj QR code 0x549d724ba23f9bfc51ca953268da278cf1584428 Storj Address: 0x549d724ba23f9bfc51ca953268da278cf1584428
Litecoin logo Donate with Litecoin Litecoin QR code LQWT1CyioWDLB5EL9qotK69VqYbKU6Niro Litecoin Address: MEy3kLHHvr9HkhJnFovn4AeAo5ScZ9nKQ9
Feathercoin logo Donate with Feathercoin Feathercoin QR code 6uohdnDjH9h3safydBNBZhfKmJ3nFJDG53 Feathercoin Address: 6uohdnDjH9h3safydBNBZhfKmJ3nFJDG53
Neo logo Donate with Neo Neo QR code AU3HPqquJWg9Vwqkh4PgRWpo5eQpoUHJEi Neo Address: AU3HPqquJWg9Vwqkh4PgRWpo5eQpoUHJEi

BountySource logo BountySource

If you want to back a specific feature, first make sure that it is registered as an issue on Github, then pledge money for the issue on Bounty Source. The person who submits the code that closes an issue can claim the money. The person claiming the bounty does not have to be a Duplicati team member. Backing an issue directly is an incentive for people to contribute to Duplicati, for the benefit of everyone.